Vernon’s Project

Vernon’s projects are much bigger than mine…

and lately progress has been made… with much more to come!

It began with this…


and, today, it made it through Step Two!


This is the reason we’re tearing down the shed and moving the granary…

It’s not too hard to figure out… but I think I’ll ask for ideas anyway!

What’s Vernon working on?

To answer a question from yesterday… the Harvest Dinner Fundraiser for the Ten Sleep Library consists of supper (the proceeds are split 50/50 with the ambulance), a raffle, and live auction.  We will have over 100 items to raffle, ranging from jewelry to craft items to photos to blankets/quilts to baskets of pickles and jelly!  We have 6 bucket raffle items and last I knew about a dozen live auction items, including gorgeous quilts and photographs and a painting.

I did not donate a photo this year… I failed.  I *may* get a craft item finished, but I only have until 4 tomorrow!

This is our big money maker and the locals are generous with time and effort and work and cooking and donating.  We’re not rich around here moneywise, but we sure give it all we have!

Stop in and support the Ten Sleep Library and Ambulance!

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