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While a couple of you gave my query of “What is Vernon’s latest project?” a couple of unique and humorous guesses… (No, it’s not a man cave or a donut shack!)  and since J. could “cheat” by seeing the entire field as she drove by… I figured it was only fair I give out another photo that gives more detail!
So, now, folks… What’s Vernon building?
On another note, tonight was the Harvest Dinner Fundraiser for the Library and Ambulance.
Over 100 items were donated for the raffle… 6 for the Bucket Raffle and 20 or so items were live auctioned.
Here’s a couple of my raffle favorites… (take note, Walt Longmire!)
And the quilt on the right?  I gave up bidding at $310.  Rats.
It was another fun night… and we did fairly well…
Should anyone out there be looking for places to donate money… just remember, your money can have a big impact in small towns across the country just like Ten Sleep.  Please give generously to the small communities near you!

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