Snowstorm Toughness

There’s all sorts of news today…

*The shed is entirely gone… destroyed in an hour or so and hauled away after a few more hours.  Bare ground, a few poles, and some concrete chips are all that’s left.

*The pivot is assembled and plumbed.  Electricity still needs to be changed and then rewired.  The roll line is officially for sale!

*The library literally had a melt down yesterday… After investigating the smell of melting electrical wiring, I dialed 911 and the volunteer firefighters quickly arrived on scene.  What we thought might have been ballasts in our lights having problems really turned out to be breakers melting and sizzling in our panel!  Needless to say, we closed down quickly, shut all our computers off, and called in the experts.  The REA and the county maintenance declared us shut down for repairs, with all power cut to the building.  However, the electrician was on scene by 7 am and by 9:30 or so this morning we were back in business!

*It has snowed a good 4″ this afternoon, which makes us very nervous about our cows on the mountain.  It wasn’t supposed to do this, and next week was supposed to be nice, so we had planned on bringing them down then… Vernon will drive up and check on them if he can make it that far, so they may be coming down faster than expected.

* But the biggest news?

Ah, well… maybe I’ll just wait one more day before I share that!  Might as well create some anticipation!

(Here’s Daniel toughing out the snowstorm… covering up the pipeline to the pivot)


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