Absolute Love


The cows are about halfway down… the neighbors were kind enough to let us overnight in their pasture… Then, of course, instead of taking them to the fire ravaged Mesa Pasture, we’ll bring them on home.

We, meaning the guys, because I’ll be on duty at the library.

But I’m getting ahead of myself!

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see most of the snow was gone… just enough lingered on top to put a definite chill in the little breeze that blew most of the day.


Thank goodness for long johns and chinks and Carhartts and scarves and headbands!  I travel prepared!

The pasture gather went fairly fast, which was kind… Vernon had kicked some the right direction last night with his four wheeler…

Then the cows just decided to fall off the mountain pretty much by themselves… it helped that we didn’t go through any belly deep grass since that *does* have a tendency to slow them down!

I absolutely LOVE bringing cows down the mountain!


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