Minute Movie: Trailing By

This Minute Movie is twice as long as normal… but I just couldn’t resist the peacefulness that saturates this video!

We are letting the cows trail by… Vernon on horseback in the middle of the gate, getting a good count as they walk past.  Daniel leaves my side, and walks to the back of the bunch, his low whistle encouraging them through the gate.

Panama and I stand (relatively) still… watching the cows’ black backs float above the sagebrush, the Big Horns with their new white cloak supervising us all.

P.S.  I loaded this in widescreen.  Please let me know if this is ok, or useless to view on your devices.  I just liked it to help show some perspective!

P.P.S.  I received some awesome news today… BlogHer chose to highlight me today and my entry from the other day entitled “Great Deal“.  You can read their post about me here.  How cool is that?  That means more bling on the sidebar!  And, if, by chance, there’s some new readers out there now… Welcome to Red Dirt!

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