Warm Place

I made some minor adjustments to the chicken coop this morning… Though repairing the window might require the purchase of larger rolls of wire…

The rest of the day, it seems, was spent in my kitchen.

It was a drying kind of day.

As in dehydrator.

Cleaning my refrigerator, aka creating soup starter, occupied part of it.  The rest was spent in trying to make basil pesto and cream of tomato soup (with fresh basil).

All those bits and pieces left of my food co-op bounty… the single zucchini, some onion, green pepper, a few carrots… all were sliced and set to dry.  Two stalks of celery will last me a long time, one will be devoured for Thanksgiving, but the other would probably meet a limp ending.  It now is soup starter as well.  Even some leftover peas from the other night.  I even had some pineapple for my dried fruit jar.

I love having soup starter… Add some broth and some seasonings and some leftover meat… and voila!  Delicious soup!

Then there were the herbs… lots of unnamed herbs for $10.00.  I’m not so good at identifying herbs, come to find out.  I had to do internet searches to discover the truth… I *like* the idea of fresh herbs, but I usually just end up drying them… before I use them up.

Parsley, cilantro (still in the fridge!), basil, oregano, dill, thyme, and sage… quite the collection.  I *will* use the cilantro… and the basil pesto is now frozen… so everything else now is taking their turn in the dehydrator.

Somehow, that took all day.

I know for sure that not having a food processor slowed me down with the pesto.  But how often do I make stuff like that?  Not very!

Two bands of sheep and the neighbor’s cattle went by today…

One thing about being inside… it’s a warm place to be!


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