Ho Ho

The next steps…

 With this old thick paper from the old books, it’s easy to cover the letters.  I did have to do some ripping apart and readjusting.
The only part I don’t like is the edges.  I glued the paper down with Mod Podge, and took a piece of sandpaper to the edges, which worked great on evening up the edges… But now some old paint is showing through, rats!


My strategy from here is to really get aggressive on the sanding, and then add some  “antiquing” to cover it up and add some depth.  I also think I’ll add some words… Rudolph… Christmas Eve… Santa…
But that’ll have to wait a few days…
I’m in Kaycee, being the #1 babysitter for the twins for a couple of days!  I’ll be posting so long as the Internet allows me!
I’m having fun… HO HO!


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