I Can’t See You

You know those people who say they couldn’t get along without technology?  Without the internet, they’d go crazy?  And you politely shake your head and agree, but secretly you’re rolling your eyes in the quiet of your own mind?  Hmmmm…

 I almost fit that description yesterday and today!  Victoria’s Internet is sporadic at best, and she has no tv.  So yesterday’s posting was nonexistent, though I tried repeatedly to make contact.  Then came the news of the tragedy at Casper College, my old stomping grounds and only an hour away from here.  I wanted to know *something* besides second hand accounts.
I should have tried to listen to my car radio, but I never could quite remember or organize it just right!
Obviously, the Internet is working tonight, and I’m relieved.  I can post for you and find out the facts for my peace of mind…  So, yes, roll your eyes at me… I can’t see you!
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