Big and Small Wyoming


Back home again.

While I’m thrilled to be back online, I will miss those little boys and their antics, oh, yes, the parents, too…   The twins are just beginning to walk, so life is definitely a Big Adventure!

So… gee… where to start?

I *had* planned to come home yesterday, but then found out Vernon and Daniel would be gone to a dispersion sale today anyway… so… I went back to Casper.  (Victoria and I had traveled there for Sunday services at my mom’s church… no one there had met the twins yet… and they’re using mom’s memorial money towards the remodel of the foyer, and we hadn’t seen that yet!  Plus, we had a quick visit with my brother and sister-in-law…)

So, if I’m going to The Big City of Casper… and I’m in the crafting kinda mood… yes!  I made the Big Pilgrimage.

hlobbyDetails of creativity will come in the next few weeks (though that may spoil the surprise for some of my recipients!), but I’ve got some great ideas… I found pretty much all the supplies I was looking for and most of those for 50% off… I just *love* not paying full price…  Thank you, Casper!

The drive home was gorgeous, you’ll have to see the sunset on Wednesday’s entry…

I also had to take this photo… You know me and my admiration for Craig Johnson‘s books (and the tv show Longmire), and this hotel’s had this sign up in Buffalo, Wyoming for a while… but I just had to finally take the pic!

longmireI love that.

I love that.

I also love that on a Buffalo bank’s digital sign was the time, temperature, date for the Parade of Lights… and an ad for a lost dog… I just love small town Wyoming!

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