Hmmm.  I guess a How-To-Needle-Felt video should be forthcoming since so many of you are interested!  I’ll see if I can get on that!

This morning I spent figuring out my calendar… I had decided to NOT sell one to the public because of last year’s fiasco and trauma… but I figured I’d order some for my relatives, since this is a longstanding family tradition now!  Then someone asked me about some calendars… then another person requested some calendars… then another.


Here’s the deal.

I WILL BE SELLING 2013 CALENDARS… but I’m TAKING ORDERS FIRST.  I simply cannot shell out the money, then get stuck with all the extras!  Last year I lost a lot of money!  I am NOT using the local print shop, as much as I’d love to support local businesses, because, honestly, I can get them online faster.  The quality is comparable, and though I’d prefer my photos be a tad bigger, they still look good!

TOMORROW RED DIRT IN MY SOUL 2013 CALENDARS WILL GO ON SALE FOR $20!  Once I have orders for a lot of 20, I’ll order them, then mail them on to you.  It is a quick turnaround, and you shouldn’t notice too much of a delay… Postage is included in the price.

Yes, I’ll post the photos, too…but it’s late and I’ve been busy working on another “hand did” gift.  Oh, hey.  If you’re a relative of mine… and you don’t want a Christmas present/surprise ruined by this announcement, you better take off now.  You already know you’re getting a calendar!

Somewhere along the line, I read about making your own vanilla extract.  Now why this appeals to me… I’m not really sure… but I figured, why not?  Before I knew it, I was online buying fresh vanilla beans… Then I went in search of some nice brown bottles.  Well, that was a little harder.  Brown bottles are preferred to reduce the effects of sunlight, the way I understand it.

Then Hobby Lobby came into the picture… Did they have dark brown bottles?  Yes, but not with lids.  But they did have cute little clear ones!  OK, so buy some glass paint and be creative!

Well.  That flopped.


The paint just wouldn’t get dark enough… though I have some enamel downstairs I may try tomorrow.

But the little white pen I bought to write on the bottles worked fantastic!

The process?  Chop your vanilla beans into 1/2″ pieces, add vodka.


Yes, vodka!  Inexpensive is fine so long as it’s 70-90 proof.

Keep in a cool dark place.  Shake daily for one month, then test… It should be ready to go!  I imagine you’ll want to strain it before using…

You use 1/4 pound of vanilla beans per quart of vodka.

The only tricky part?  These little jars hold 1/2 cup, but it’s actually less, because you have to allow for the beans displacing the vodka.  That kind of messes up your mind, splitting up the beans into the overflow container…

I figure it will work…  We’ll all see in about a month, a good smelling and tasting surprise!


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