Failure and Happiness

Well, poo.  Tomorrow’s the library’s silent auction and I didn’t finish up everything I had planned.

 Too many ideas and not enough time!
The project that has slowed me up the most is the photo transfer I wanted to do.  Finding the right combination of gel medium, paper, printer, etc. has slowed the process way down.  I was looking for lasertran paper, but ended up with vellum instead.  Printing off on it was interesting, it was pretty much a failure… with a result that looked much like watercolor… And I love watercolor paintings… So all was not lost.  I just had to look at it in a different light!  I cut them up and glued them to some heavy duty magnets.  They’re crinkled and full of texture, but, honestly, I *like* ’em!

For kicks and giggles, I also had purchased printable magnet paper.  I ran off one failure and one success.  The contact sheet of my 12 calendar months looks Mah-velous!  I may need to offer some for sale!  The full page on the left is clear and colored correctly… the six on the right were the failure… off color and only half of them printed!



Then I wanted to try a test drive of my shrunken wool sweaters.  I used the sweater than hadn’t shrunk very well… Good thing.  I whipped out a set of mittens… By golly, if I didn’t sew them wrong!  I couldn’t figure out how I had a seam showing… Well duh.  I sewed it wrong side out somehow!  They’ll work for around here… but I’d not offer them as a donation tomorrow!



Guess I’ll give up and just let the Ho Ho Ho be my donation…
I’d like to thank all of you that have already placed an order for the 2013 Red Dirt Calendar!  Your support just makes me happy!
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