Library Silent Auction

Another fun Open House at the library… over 50 people attended… and we raised just over $1000!  Yay!


My little HoHoHo earned us $22, and my little jar of home-made vanilla extract scored $25!

I shall NOT divulge how much I spent on other items, however!   But I will tell you what they are.  I scored the home-made Italian dinner for 4… a Market Spice basket with tons of goodies… a decorative quilted pincushion (made from gorgeous green shades of batik)… a card holder… and a blooming tea pot!

I even got a couple more orders for calendars!

It was a fun night, followed by some relaxing in front of the Nationals Finals Rodeo… and now… bedtime… as the snow drifts down in a hushed world.



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