PAP Testing Video

Wow… Seems like this was pretttttyyy interrrrresting, eh?

I’ll answer a few questions from yesterday’s comments first.

Jake, seeing as how you’re *closer* to CSU, seems like you could put out some feelers for upcoming clinics, or contact Dr. Holt directly and see where he’s talking next.  He’s well worth a drive!

Darrell, you don’t rent the equipment, you rent the vet!  He’ll come with the equipment.  It’s growing in popularity, and more vets are hoping to get into doing the procedure.  We had three vets there… with regrets from others that couldn’t make it.  Dr. Holt said he could do 150 cows or so a day… he might be able to do more, but he’d be cranky by the end of the day!  It is expensive, ~$25/cow with travel and setup fee, but so is losing cattle!  That’s why it’s typically done on bulls, not cows… His suggestion was just to start doing it with your replacements.

Linda, the one picture is just the beginning airways of the lungs, he had squirted latex into them and peeled away the rest of the lung.  Obviously, the one was stunted and pruned back.  I, too, made the comment that they looked like frost!

Sara, Dr. Holt has tested a bajillion animals… and lost, I think he said, six!  Now, sometimes if the animal jumps the wrong way, the catheter can be cut and be stuck in the heart, but the animal can live with it there!

So, let’s check out the video!

P.S., Brandon will be doing a presentation on this, I believe, next week… should he post it, I’ll link to it as well.

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