The UN-Party

For years… and years…

the women of the Upper Nowood have held a Christmas party.  Nowood Creek runs north through this area passing through or near many of our places.  If we’re not on the Nowood, chances are, we’re on a creek that flows into the Nowood.

Yes.  It is NO WOOD.  Not Norwood, or Northwood, but NO WOOD.  As in no wood for a fire.  A long time ago, history says some men couldn’t find any wood to build a fire on their trip in this area.  (which just amazes me… all these trees didn’t exist 150 years ago or what????)

Anyway, back to your geography lesson… The Upper Nowood is south of Ten Sleep, which for most people, including me when I first moved here, should make it the lower Nowood.  South is lower, North is upper, right?  Wrong.  NOT WHEN THE CREEK FLOWS NORTH.

We, who live at the Upper End of Nowood Creek, held our Christmas party tonight.


In my house.

So, yes, though I told everyone to not sweat it, just bring a plate of goodies to eat… I’ve been scrubbing through grease and grime trying to make my house shine!  this is the first chance I’ve had to really show it off!  I didn’t have to do that, but I hear my mother’s voice…

We had a great time, unfortunately, not everyone could make it.  But for those who did, we decided to memorialize it, by, of course, taking a picture!  I wish we’d done this 30 years ago at my first attendance at this Christmas party!

Here we are in our glory… I’m thrilled to share my compatriots!


While that’s the photo where everyone is visible… great for the record book… this is the photo I like!  Having a good laugh… which was what this party… the Upper Nowood Party… the UN Party… was supposed to be all about!


December 18, 2011   Where Was I?
December 18, 2010   Swssssswsss, Dally!
December 18, 2009   0.1538753 Seconds
December 18, 2008   Progress (for those who were in my house tonight, here’s how it USED to look!)

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