Good One

A little corral work today…

We shipped off some little steers to a local feedlot… We usually feed them ourselves throughout the winter on hay (and some years, extra barley or oats).  This is the first time we’ve ever done this…

They’ll come back in the spring and we’ll put them out on grass until they’re sold.  It’s all a Grand Experiment…

We then weighed the little heifers… seeing how much they’ve gained as individuals.  It’s part of our program here.

Those that grow and gain well may eventually earn their right to stay here and become replacements!

Tomorrow we bangs vaccinate.

It’s supposed to be a nice day… and hey, the world didn’t come to an end, so even if it was blizzarding tomorrow, I suppose it should still qualify as a Nice Day!  If we’re here to experience it, it should be a Good One, eh?


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