Rather Magnetic

We’ve decided Christmas trees are magnetic.

 Especially to little twin boys about 15 months old.
Most of the lower ornaments have migrated to the safer environs of higher elevations.
Mud rooms, too, have minute tractor beams that lead little boys through the maze of dining room chairs set up as road blocks.  But mud rooms have dog water dishes, and wood stoves, and… and, Dogs!
Toy trains and trucks have a short diversion time.
Balls are fun for a bit.
Better are the tin pie plates and wooden spoons…
the house finches, juncos, and chickadees that flit and flutter and cheep at the feeder outside the dining room windows…
the cabinet that holds the pots and pans, that when emptied, becomes a hidey hole of merriment.
But both boys return to that lighted tree that sparkles and glows.

I have to agree with little twin boys…That tree, with all its symbolism, memories, favorite and dear ornaments, glowing festive lights and snowflake garland *is* Rather Magnetic.



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