Last night was short!  After messing around all day with some friends in town, I came home to find out we were the location for a poker party!  I dug into cleaning, finding room on my counter top once again!

This blog didn’t cross my mind until I was dozing off in front of company!  I am sorry, but I just couldn’t function!
Tonight, I’m chilled… I was working out on the dog house a little, and a snowstorm and breeze blew through.  Plus the fact that it took forever to look for tools…  I finally decided the circular saw and drill have migrated North… on the other places.
Next time I’m in town,  I’ve decided I’m going to buy my own and emblazon BURTON all over them!  They’ll probably still disappear, but I can prove they’re mine!
There wasn’t enough progress for a photo… And I’ll have to repair something already… Using my little jigsaw as my only saw created some ugly cuts!
Walking to gather my eggs, I heard an eagle chatter.  That’s your photo for the day!
Let’s get ready for a q and a for the new year! Post questions in the comments and I’ll answer them soon!

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