Questions and Answers – January 2013 Part Two

Thanks for the well wishes… I asked for the shot to get rid of this sinus infection faster… So now I’m hoping I’m getting better, and now I have a sore tush too!

Most of the questions that remain unanswered pertain to Lucas, so I’m going to condense.
We ran over Lucas when he was only 7 months old, resulting in a fractured pelvis and nerve damage on his front left leg.  This laser treatment will not fix that, but should help with the sore on his paw.  He has such a weird gait, he wears the pad down.  It is not operable in itself, though we’ve discussed amputation or fusion of the joint.  I have had this healed, and, yes, I’m up for trying anything if you want to share.  I will try to check with The Good Doctor on some of your suggestions.  He is our vet for most things, though I took Lucas to Billings for his surgery.   We’re not sure on how many treatments he’ll get.  Three are planned for this week.
On New Years Eve, I signed up to take a canine acupressure class from Tallgrass Institute out of Colorado  Lucas has had one acupuncture treatment, which he adored, check it out on my list of videos on vimeo… but such veterinarians are few and far between in Wyoming.  I’m excited to learn more than what a book can tell me.  Lucas usually gets very relaxed and he just enjoys any such treatments.  He’s a very good patient.
Other questions….

Natural gas drilling.  Yes, we have natural gas drilling, but I’m no expert.  It’s been a controversy in the Pavillion area.  I know fracking takes place at a much deeper level than water wells usually exist.  I would not base any judgment on a film.   I grew up as the daughter of an oil man.  Perhaps I am not the most unbiased person to ask!

The Big Black Mountain… his name is Winchester.  I still haven’t called to find out more than that!

And Girl Scout National Center West?  Oh, yes… the biggest mistake the Girl Scouts ever made was selling that place… so many of us have just wonderful wonderful memories.  sigh.


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