Making Progress


I’m feeling almost human today.

It’s been a week of feeling crummy, so I’m SO glad I’m getting back to normal!

I actually worked all day at putting my house in order, though I would have much preferred to go steal a sled from Daniel’s house and take Quinlan on a few runs down the hill… it was a deliciously beautiful day outside.

The only thing I did outside was put on a switch on the battery to my little mini truck.  (Is little mini truck too redundant?)  Anyway, the battery goes dead on it, something is always pulling power, so now I have a disconnect on it.

Best part?  The UPS man brings us a package… sees what I’m doing… says he has a 20 minute break coming… and he installs it for me.

I mean, really.  It was like having an instant drive up mechanic.  How lucky could I be?

Then he warns me if it falls down on the metal bar that holds it in place, it could short across, which would be Bad, so I should cover the bar with rubber or something just in case.  He leaves… good deed done for today.

Five minutes later I have a piece of inner tube over the battery held on by baling twine.  Now, seriously.  How much more redneck could I get?

It made me feel like I had accomplished something outside today.  Even though HE had…

So, all in all, even though my dishes are still dirty and I still haven’t got all my Christmas packed away… I am Making Progress! and, That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is pretty much my Goal for Everyday!

For Judy, who wanted more chicken photos… My flock today…


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