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A friend of mine… the one who taught me beadwork, and helped me make my Indian dress… now also quilts.  We posted some of her work at the library.   She is quite the artist, with any medium!






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  1. Oh my!!!! what beautiful work. You are right about she is so talented. Could we see your dress sometime, please?
    Our Daughter-In-Law is part Cherokee/Choctow. Our son got her a dress.
    She does not wear it much. We have a Blackpowder Muzzleloader Club. We do reinactments of the mountain man era, pre 1840. She has worn the dress at our Fall and Spring rendezvous. Love it and she looks good in it.
    Glad you got the window and it is good. Sharon Drake Oct. 13,2013

    • Thanks, Sharon. There’s a pic of my dress somewhere on this blog… when I was painting my “Indian Room”. I’ll have to wander around and find it for you! I’m Choctaw as well, but mine is not a Choctaw dress!

  2. Wow! Beautiful quilts! On a side note, I’m wondering why I don’t see any previous comments on these posts… So odd when it seems like you always have comments.

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