The snowstorm began overnight, 5 inches had accumulated.  I layered on some clothes, grabbed my new tools, and headed out to work on the dog house.

I had hacked on the the former lid last time with my little jigsaw, and now, thinking with a few more cuts, it’d slide down and become the floor.  My new circular saw sliced through the half inch plywood like it didn’t even exist.  I was ecstatic!  Why had I waited so long to buy these tools?
I slid the board down, watching it hang up on the sides.  I had to modify and remodify, finally getting a good fit.  My new drill came into play next, screwing the floor into its permanent place.
I slogged through the snow, retrieving a section of rigid insulation, and I began fitting it.
Suddenly, the wind hit.  What had began as a nice snowstorm, continuing to layer another inch as I worked, now became a blizzard.  Rats.  I alternated between being thrilled with having my tools readily available and disappointment at having to quit early.  I installed the cloth doorway and packed up my tools.
I can do this now, work a few hours here and there, with tools at hand, without stealing the tools from the guys, and feel… Accomplished!

(Yesterday’s red sky at morning… which preceded this storm)


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