No Nuthin’

Well, rats.

Started to make a video with needle felting… this time I’m working on a House Finch, another frequent visitor to my bird feeder… then I looked at the clock and decided that it was not the best use of my time when I had an appointment for Lucas at 11:00.  Which means I have to leave by 10…

Which meant chores and a shower would serve me more than voodoo sticking a little bird into existence!

That’s what it feels like… whenever I make a little critter… that I’m doing some weird reverse voodoo…

Then, I was supposed to get my hair chopped off, which I had to cancel since I spent way more time at the vet’s office than I planned.

That couldn’t slow me down, though, because I had to meet Vernon in Cody.  He’s getting a flatbed put on his pickup and since that’ll take a few days, we had to leave it there.

A couple of stops around town, then we headed back home.

Now, where in there was I going to create a video tutorial for you?  Sheesh, sometimes my organizational skills really seem to be weak on the timeline side of things!  If I had taken the video with my ipad… and if I had a movie app… do they have iMovie for the iPad?  Hmmm… may have to check on that… because then I could have accomplished something on the 2.5 hour drive home!  As it is…

No House Finch.

No tutorial.

No nuthin’.


(Think of it as another day to gather supplies! 😉 )

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