On High

The guys scour guarded our cows today… as well as something new we’re trying… injectable minerals.  Scours, as I’ve talked about before, can really wreck your calving season… Mineral supplements can help keep your herd in tip top health, so instead of having them just eat their minerals, this year, we’re giving them a shot.


Time will tell if it’s a good investment.

Though I was chief chili cooker and babysitter in the morning, the afternoon heat drew Quinlan and I, and Tess and Jaxon outside to supervise.

It’s all about the family working together, and the tiny boys continue to get exposure to the sights and sounds, just like my boys did 20+ years ago!


After the corral work was done, the cows needed fed.  Megan and Quinlan and I decided to ride along.


Did I mention what a nice day it was?  Well, it was… until we went into the shade the rimrock casts in late afternoon.  Whew.  It was just a little chilly after standing in the sunshine!  Nothing a truck heater on high can’t cure, though!


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