Finish and Start

I organized a bit in my garage today… It had become a pit since the garage door broke over a year ago.  Plus many of my supplies for my studio have been tossed in there because of the delay in the studio’s construction.  It has some changes coming…

After lunch, the sun came out and it was another Nice Day, so I continued working outside and I finished the dog house!
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo before I screwed the roof down.  The roof will change a bit, I’d like to remove it easily to clean and/or check on puppies or remove the heated pad in the summer… And I haven’t quite figured out how I want to do that. Plus I’ll add some metal roofing or shingles.  Today, I just threw on the insulation and OSB and ran four screws in until the final decision gets made.  Painting will have to wait as well!

It has a foyer with a 4″ threshold to keep the straw in, plus another 2×4 to keep the straw slightly separated from the heat pad and cloth bed.   I now have a fully insulated dog house that would hold all three dogs in a pinch!  As it is, I bet it turns into Elsa’s bedroom at night (she rarely sleeps inside), and Dally’s retreat during the day.  Lucas is either four feet away from me or contentedly laying under the pine tree.

Yay!  A project finished.  I love when that happens.

I also can’t let it slide that today is my anniversary.  My blogoversary.  I wrote one little paragraph in 2008 to kick off this blog… yeah… 2008!  Yikes.  I’d love to thank all of you, those who lurk, those who comment regularly, those who just check in once in a while.  You’ve followed me through amazing things these past five years, the move to the Mills Place with all my remodeling, the expansion of my family, the Centennial Celebration, the daily living and working with cattle and hay and horses, and some of you have even patiently waited here during my long absence with my mom’s illness and death.  I hope you’ll stick around as I start my sixth year of blogging… I’m not out to change the world, or get controversial on agricultural topics, or even to be the final word on ranch life.  I just want to share a tiny window into a lifestyle that’s fading away… to show you that ranchers are human, and we do much of what you do… to let you know we’re not out to destroy this land but rather caretake and partner with it.  Why?  Because it’s great to know you and hundreds of other people can enjoy a steak, or your leather briefcase, or your insulin, or a marshmallow now and then because of us and people like us!  But even more, because we love this lifestyle… Not everyone is made to live in Manhattan, or Wyoming, so you keep on working on your end… and let us take care of this end.  Enjoy some American Beef courtesy of Greet Ranch and Red Dirt In My Soul!


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