Wood Shop


You WANTED to see my filthy garage?  Well, after my two days at the library, I went back out to it today.

Here’s the side I’ve been focusing on… I’m trying to turn this part into my “wood shop”.  You’ll have to use your imagination, because this is what it looks like after 5 hours of work!  The boards were scattered everywhere… Random pieces of equipment and tools were nailed to the walls… motors and pto shafts and mysterious things I don’t know about, were scattered along the walls.


Now, all the metal is against or on the back wall…

I’ve built a shelf or three to hold things…


The boards are neatly stacked, even the flat pieces now have a board to hold them up in between two posts.


A coal stoker and acetylene maker and older freezer and misc “stuff” still take up room, but, by golly.  I can work in here!

My tools are here, there’s power, it’s out of any wind, though there’s no heat… but, hey!  It’s looking good to me!

Soon I’ll have a work bench, and a push button garage door… and I can work on the other side at some point!

While I made progress from even these photos… after a couple of hours, I quit the wood shop.  There was more important work to do… I had to go sledding with the grandsons!


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