There was a little more work done in the studio today.  If I had a kitchen fairy that would cook and clean… I could spend more time out there… so if you know one that needs a job?  Send her my way!

My insulation supports worked out fairly well, though I then had to work around them, moving the ladder again and again.  But I got two lengths stapled up into position.  I cranked up the jack and lifted the OSB up into its future place.  Then, I made a strategic change.


I had previously talked myself out of painting the ceiling… it will cost me more time and possibly money, if I don’t have enough leftover paint.  But cranking the board up there, with its ugly printing on it… and seeing it… yeah, I want my ceiling white.  It’ll just brighten up the place… and show fly spots, I’m sure.  But I’m going to do it anyway.  And I decided this just as the temperature is predicted to drop some this week.

I’ll bring a heater down and see if I can keep it warm enough in there to paint.

But hey!

Today was supposed to be Cool Photo Day.

So without further ado…


One of my very first posts was entitled Sundog Morning… I love these things!

In black and white…


With flash…


and self-portrait!  (giving myself a halo… )



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