Huh, Guys?

Vernon and I both made the same comment yesterday… that we hoped it would just keep on snowing until we got a foot of snow…

And the Snow Gods listened…

It snowed all day yesterday, throughout the night, and most of today.

Here’s Lucas wishing me “Good Driving” on the way to work this morning.  It would have been, if the snowplow, which was stopped just across the highway, would have led me to work.  As is was, most of the way I drove on the wrong side of the road, following his one blade of clearance he’d moved on the way out to my place.


I was 10 minutes late to work… which is better than my boss… who after 2 attempts to navigate her mile long driveway, gave up and worked from home.  Running into a ditch the first time, and then getting stuck on the second try, will put a cramp in anyone’s day.

Brandon, too, decided it was just too crazy for him in his little car… and he got stuck outside my front yard!

Officially, I have 17″ of snow now on the ground.  Some of that is leftovers… but, still.

It’s fun…

huh, guys?



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