Get ‘Em!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I know I shouldn’t let those kinds of things bother me, yet they do… thanks for lifting me back up!

Two (hopefully) final thoughts about “So God Made A Farmer”.

1.  Jay Leno *just* made fun of the commercial.  I didn’t catch it all, but sheesh, guess it means we’ve hit the Big Time.  (Honestly, I haven’t watched him in years, because I can’t stand him anymore, but he came on after the news on the tv in a different room!)

2.  Most importantly, and I’m sorry for not mentioning it before,  there is the Keep Plowing, Dodge Ram Trucks initiative.  If you go to their website, you’ll see Dodge has declared 2013 the Year of the Farmer.  If you watch the video and share it on Facebook, Dodge will donate up to $1,000,000 to the FFA.  Is it promotion?  Sure.  I’m not stupid.  But I’d much rather promote Dodge (we have three Dodge outfits around here, remember?) and have them give money to a good organization, than click on “like” so some little kids can have a puppy.

Just a fyi, in case you hadn’t understood the FFA badge at the end of the commercial… That’s why it’s there!

OK, as my uncle used to say, POKE ME WITH A FORK, I’M DONE!

Here’s a peek at my latest gifts (I was supposed to have finished for Christmas).  I took the first initials of my grandsons and covered them in 1950’s era pictures from children’s books.

I absolutely ADORE how they turned out!

These are just wall decorations, though you could attach them to bookends or toy boxes or whatever…

So, boys, come and get ’em!



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