Good Month

It was an aggravating day spent mainly on the computer.

Plus I woke up with practically no voice and a ragged cough.

Oh, joy.

The computer haggle was all about placing an order for large photo prints… which I eventually accomplished.

See, March is going to be a Good Month.

First of all, we start calving… and babies are almost always fun… but personally, I’m having an “art show” at our local bakery for the month!

I know, kinda strange, but it’s how Ten Sleep works!

Since I can’t really afford large quality prints, I’m ordering posters and mounting them on foam core.  It’s the cheapskates version of an art show!

But should any of you be blasting through the metropolis of Ten Sleep, as of March 1, you’re welcome to stop at the 2nd Street Bakery and peruse some of my photos.

Yes, they will be for sale…

*Last chance for questions for tomorrow’s Q&A Session!*  Ask me something, come on, don’t be shy!

I *did* get to spend a few hours taking 3 month photos of little Jaxon today… I’m no baby photographer… but I managed a few lucky shots!


(Note the moccasins, Tess had him in cowboy boots, but we put on Daniel’s moccasins, just for Tradition!)

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