Questions and Answers – February 2013 Edition

Oh, man, I came home from work today… this cough is about to get me!  I do believe I might have to go to the doctor again…

Thanks for the well wishes… again!  I just kicked that last cough!  argh.

Let’s get to it!

Pat H
Why do all the Wyoming football fans (including the ones in my own family) love the Broncos so? We generally aren’t that keen on anything Denver otherwise. I’ve never quite understood it.
So true… we might rail against “greenies”, though I haven’t heard that nickname for Colorado-ans for a long time… But we do love the Broncos.  When we first moved to Wyoming, my parents, being from Oklahoma, were big Dallas fans.  They soon switched over and I’ve been cheering on the Broncos since Morton and Moses and the Orange Crush.  I figure it’s just too far to drive to Seattle or Minneapolis or Dallas…

What material are the covers mounted on?
Those initials were simple cardboard ones I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  The paper from the books was thick enough I didn’t have to prime them…

How’s his (Lucas’) foot doing with the laser therapy?
We went to six sessions… and maybe it helped with the build up around the sore spot.  It’s hard to judge, but they treated it like a lick granuloma.  The sore spot is still there.

Why do they call it woven wire? It looks more like quilted wire to me. Just sayin’
You’re funny!  The wire does go over under over under though… woven for strength.  Very good with sheep!

Do your cattle drink out of the creek all winter or does it freeze over? Just wondering if it is there main water source in the winter.
Sara, yes, they drink out of the creek… that’s part of everyday chores… chopping the ice away from the edge of the creek.  If you look at some older posts, I’ve talked about it… though, obviously, I need to talk about it again!

Now that the boys have moved out, do you cook a “meal” every night for just you and Vernon? What types of things do y’all eat? I am always looking for ideas for my family.
Oh, yes.  Cooking.  Bleh.  Vernon works very hard and needs a full meal 3x a day.  Thank goodness, he’s always cooked his own breakfast!  So that leaves me lunch and supper, and we eat beef… roasts, hamburgers, hamburger whatever, steak.  Plus veggies and salad.  We’re really not big fruit eaters… I used to snarf apples, but now they don’t taste sweet, so I have to make myself eat them!  Favorites?  Roast in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots.  Tacos.  Homemade soup.  Steak and baked potato.

I was having such a stressful morning that I thought my head would explode. so I decided to watch your video for some peace. Loved it except it makes me sad because isn’t that the buffalo that was pushed out of his herd by the younger male? so what will happen to this lone guy?
The park guys told me they were moving him down with two younger bulls they had in a different pasture.  I went by there yesterday and there were three buffalo there… I didn’t slow down to make sure it was Konan, but I bet they got him some company!

How did you get so close to (Konan)??
There are roads all throughout Hot Springs State Park, so you can drive up to the buffalo… sometimes!  I was lucky that day!  I was smart enough to NOT get out of my vehicle, even the park guys don’t trust him too much!  There’s always people in Yellowstone being stupid and walking up to buffalo and getting themselves gored…

Did the primer in your studio ever set?
It did!  Probably thanks to soaking up into the wood and Wyoming’s low humidity!

When are you thinking of having more puppies?
I’m thinking about that right now… no decisions have been made… but she’ll be back in heat soon.

Looking at Elsa and Dally playing… How long did it take them to reconcile after their big fight? And did that event shift the dynamics of their relationship, in terms of who is alpha? I’m glad to see them getting along again!
Once the hormones quit, they went back to their old relationship… Elsa is still top dog.  It might have been a little less than a month.  Dally will be starting again though, so, I’ll have to keep an eye out!

This (Buffalo video) really lifted my day after a long week of having my wife in the hospital.  Your ability behind the camera is admired and then to put it with music that fits the video like this song is icing on the cake!  Thanks! Darrell

Darrell, I’m so sorry to hear about your wife.  Please send her my good wishes for a speedy recovery!  I had to buy that CD because I knew that song was a perfect fit!  Glad you liked it… hang in there!

That’s it folks… I’m done!

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