Spring and Healing

Our first calf out of our heifers arrived today…

I haven’t seen it yet, but I imagine once the flood of babies starts pouring over the dam, I’ll be down there, bedding pens and keeping an eye on the heifers.  And taking pictures.

Speaking of water… the ice has begun to go out of the Nowood…

While the water doesn’t freeze completely over on Canyon Creek where I live, the Nowood River always gets a healthy layer of ice.  This place is the Double Crossing, named for the two crossings made by the early stagecoach, and it seems to be home base for “BreakUp”.

I remember Break Up as a Big Deal when I lived in Anchorage, Alaska… anxiously awaited on every spring, the idea of ice finally leaving is a Good Sign.

While ice still covers the Nowood above and below this area… it will slowly wind its way along the length.

Spring and healing happens slowly…


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