My newest little venture into capitalism includes these beauties.


I’ve named them SoapStones.

I discovered the process while investigating my wool felting.  Remember those Christmas stockings?  Well, this includes the wool roving, but instead of using a needle, you simply wet felt the wool around bars of soap.

At some point, I may add some more embellishments with the needles… I could put wildflowers or animals or trees on them… but for now, I’m just wet felting and giving them the look of natural rocks…


But, you say, there’s a few awfully bright stones in there!  Well, after talking it over with a few mothers, while I expounded on the convenience of having washcloth and soap in one, especially for bathing toddlers… They insisted on brighter colors, and so I began a few of those as well!

Any color, any soap, any design could be needle felted onto these creations… and… they’re a lot of fun to make!  And my hands are quite clean when I’m finished, too!

So far, I’m still in the beta stage… seeing if the demand for home made soap is greater than using store soap… exploring the natural look over brilliant and lively colors… wondering if Wyoming made soap covered with Wyoming wool, and embellished with Wyoming wildflowers, might make a great gift…

The natural properties of SoapStones’ felted wool gives a gentle exfoliating action… lathering readily, drying simply without the “slime” feel of normal soap, and lending an unexpected delight in your decorating scheme.


The felt will continue to shrink along with the soap, until finally you have an empty “pocket”.  Then *your* creativity comes into play… slice it open, create a coin purse, a fragrant sachet for a drawer or closet, or a jewelry bag for your favorite pieces.

SoapStones will soon be available in select locations.

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