Very Nice Walk

Well, the twins and Victoria left about noon… She tried to give the weather a chance to straighten up as we’ve received a bit more snow.  Sure enough, about a half hour after she left, the sun came out and the day turned into Very Nice.

We took the boys sledding while they were here… one of my favorite activities!  They seemed to enjoy it as their smiles will attest in some photos I managed to get.

Unfortunately, I can’t share them with you… and it is really too bad!  They are cute cute boys…

I had the afternoon to do some minor projects… a couple of shelves in my root cellar… preparing some logs to be cut into even legs for a workbench… and a nice walk with my two dogs.


It’s so strange.

As we headed for the creek, I stopped under the icicles on the chicken coop… just to give you a different perspective.

Dally seems to be looking at Elsa’s grave… though more than likely it’s just towards the willows where deer lurk.  Lucas is barely visible behind the gate post.


I paused by the gate, glancing toward the bare patch of ground by the studio.  I extended the invitation… and hope she came along… it was a Very Nice Walk, even with just two dogs.

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