It’s time again…

I’m giving two, yes, TWO classes on pysanky this year at the library!  There’s still an opening or two or three for the class next Monday, so sign up now!

I’m getting a late start in preparation, so tomorrow’s going to be a crash course… should I say crash when it comes to eggs?

My last full instructions on How To Do Pysanky was in 2009, so I imagine it’s time for an update.

I’ve learned a thing or two, so stay tuned.

For now, order your supplies, (I use Ukrainian Gift Shop, they are fast and reliable) and I’ll be mixing in pysanky with a minute movie or two and some calving photos over the next few weeks.

It’s an inexpensive hobby, easy to do, and your friends will be So Impressed!

Come back tomorrow, it’ll be eggciting!


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