Well… I must say… I’m happy to be able to take walks outside in the mud and ice, just to clear my head from all this… stuff… I’m learning!

I even visited the heifers, just to get you some baby calf shots I’ll use in the next few days.

I know some of you are having problems… and I’m trying to correct them if you tell me about them.  Like that floating “share” button… it’s gone!  This version should be great on mobile devices, too, so let me know if you have any more problems.  If I could wave a wand and have it all be done, I would… so please be patient… my wand must have disappeared in the move…

Today we took an hour or so out of the day to go celebrate Uncle George’s birthday.  It was actually 2 days ago, but the celebration was today.  George is my father-in-law Johnny’s oldest brother.  He just turned 99!  Pretty amazing!

My favorite photos of the day?

Little 4 month old Jaxon meeting George… and grabbing onto his finger!  Jaxon has a good grip!

Jaxon and GeorgeHow irresistible is that?

Jaxon and George fingersSo, today you got double postings… just to see if I am doing things right!

Enjoy your bonus entry!


Bonus — 8 Comments

  1. This looks great. I don’t envy all the work and frustration to get to this point. The above pictures of George and Jaxon are really good.

  2. Such precious pictures Carol. It was so good to see you all yesterday at Grandpa’s 99th! We’ve made it safely home to CO but sure wish we could have stayed to visit for a few days. The trips are always so quick these days…darn those jobs and school! 🙂 Love the new look of your blog, by the way.

  3. I totally agee with you on the picture! I am biased of course. 99. Wow! Long-lived Greets. Good. I hope Daniel and his little man, Jaxon, are as lucky. I lost my daily feed to Reddirt, and I can’t seem to get it back. I so looked forward to finding your daily posts in my inbox. Are you going to sell the felted soaps? I would buy them for myself and for my clients.

  4. Like the font, much easier to read than the older changing/small font! I hope you find out how to do the links to previous years, I really enjoy going back and seeing what was going on one, two, three years ago!

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