What the Heck?

Yes, I know. I’ve done it.

I switched to WordPress last night and I have everything messed up.  This blog will be a MESS for a while, but as I have procrastinated for a year, I just, for some unknown reason, chose last night to jump in the deep end.  Whether I can now make it to the surface, paddle along and manage to breathe is the question!

I was literally shaking as I talked to GoDaddy last night to switch over my blog.  Tears leaked and I questioned my decision.

But here I am.

Please know that posts will be missing, links may not work, photos will be formatted strangely and views on mobile devices may be very wonky.  I hope to work on this a bit everyday, so your visits here may not just be virtual trips to ranchlife in Wyoming, but trips into my discovery of WordPress and its limitless boundaries… which everyone assures me I will come to love at some point.

I cannot help but feel like I’ve lost my baby… my Red Dirt still exists, although it can no longer be seen by the public.  If I cannot seem to make progress, I’ll switch back, and lose only a few posts!

Please be patient with me, I’m having to learn So Much Stuff!

I’m very willing to take advice, recommendations for widgits or plug-ins (and no, I don’t know if there’s a difference), or links to other blogs where you’ve liked what they’ve done with photos/formats/fonts/design.

Believe me, you’re not the only ones asking, “What the Heck?”


What the Heck? — 10 Comments

  1. I’m hoping I am successful in leaving you a comment in this new format.
    Good luck with this! It can’t be as hard as my adjusting to a new car
    after 10 years of the old one….the latter totally rusted through underneath.
    Tears. I can sympathize with you changing from GoDaddy, and rest assured we’ll all be patient!

  2. Hey…there you are! Showing up on the ipad now. I wouldn’t use godaddy for all the money in the world after that nasty, gross, commercial they aired during the Super Bowl! =o/ I have found learning new techy things is much easier when I just have fun with it…and google is my best (and smartest) friend. =o)

  3. It looks fine to me right now. Remember, these things bother you more than others most likely. I think you’ll be fine just taking your time and working on it slowly. You have got this and it will be fine! Besides, you have a lot of people pulling for you and some folks you can ask questions of too!

  4. Because GoDaddy no longer promotes or sells their QuickBlogcast product which is what I have used. The end is in sight for that, though they won’t confirm or deny that they will be ending their support. They are not developing any improvements for QuickBlogcast, and I really really wanted pages on my blog along with a few other perks of WordPress. Believe me, this is not an easy decision!

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