Minute Movie: The Frost Leaving

Today was alternately a blizzard, a hurricane, and a peaceful grey day… take your pick, they all happened!  It was a day in March!

This video was taken yesterday… when the frost was leaving the ground and the runoff water was beginning to soak in.

I suppose that may be a new thought for some of you, that the ground freezes so hard that it is necessary to thaw it somehow if you’d like to dig in winter.  Poor Elsa’s grave had a roaring bonfire on it for a few hours and Vernon still chipped the ground out with a big tamping bar.  But when spring comes… that ice in the dirt turns to water and voila! the frost has gone out!

Sometimes it goes out enough that there are lots of airholes left behind, and if any runoff is present, it gets sucked down inside!  Make sure you turn up your volume so you can hear the buzzing of the absorption.

This happens when we flood irrigate in the summer too… the dry ground just gurgles with happiness as it drinks in the water!  I’ve never been able to capture that for you, though I’ve wanted to!

Enjoy this peculiar little Minute Movie, I just thought it might be something not very many people have experienced!


Minute Movie: The Frost Leaving — 2 Comments

  1. Very interesting – “the ground gurling with happiness” is a wonderful description. Some of my bulbs are starting to poke up!

  2. Wow, that is so cool!! I’ve never heard of that (or heard it) before! Was that Dally or Lucas on the snow? I miss Elsa :((

    Thanks for sharing!

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