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Pretty nasty day around here with high winds and occasional snow… I hid out inside the house!

Managed to work on this blog a bit… many of my entries still aren’t formatted right, or even copied and pasted yet!  But progress is being made!  Thanks to Judi over at, I’ve got this blog configured so that if you choose one of the page tabs like Wordless Wednesday, it’ll show you all my WW entries!  How cool is THAT?!?  Of course, now, more than ever, I need to get them all copied and pasted!  I’m getting there!

Of course, I can’t stand to sit (read that again… 😉 ) at the computer for hours upon hours, so… I did what I’ve wanted to do for a long time!

My entryway is trampled with mud and hay and grass and leaves and manure and water and whatever else can be tracked in on boots and paws.  It’s been covered in green indoor/outdoor carpeting which caught most of the tsunami of filth that walks in my door…

It wasn’t very pretty.


But now it’s gone.


And so is the some of the layer of tiles it was glued to… although another layer lay beneath.  It is still fastened pretty securely, so whatever I end up doing, it’ll have to go over that layer.  Problem is, I’m not too sure what I’m going to do now…


Paint is out of the picture, unfortunately… wood, laminate, tile (no, not tile!), stone?  I have no clue.  I do love those pictures of stairways where the riser looks like a book spine… but it’s not really appropriate for an entryway into a mud room!  I might be able to envision something like old panoramas of the ranch, or brands on wood, or antler somethings… welded thingamajigs…

Can you tell I’ve no clue what I’m doing?

Well, for now… I’m just prying off tile… I imagine something will come to me!  and I welcome your ideas, too!


Imagine Something — 3 Comments

  1. I’ll admit I am clueless, too! Looks like a VERY big project to me.
    However it comes out, I like the idea of some artwork on risers!

  2. Do a search for brown paper flooring, or paper bag flooring. See if anyone has used it in high traffic areas like you have and how well it holds up. I haven’t looked into that yet, just saw it the other day and thought it was neat!!

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