I Fail

Another ceiling square up and attached in the studio!

The plan was to ready the next section with insulation, and even perhaps another square… but instead I was enlisted to go to Worland with Vernon and bring back his pickup that had been in for repairs.  Perhaps I should have stayed and watched the heifers… that was my option, but that would have meant ALL the guys would have been in town!

Now, I’m not saying I can’t check the heifers… for heaven’s sake, I’ve pulled some calves on my own!  But to not have ANYONE for backup?  Chances are nothing would have happened, but I’m rather the type that is more sure of herself when there’s backup even 20 minutes away!  Always the BEC never the EMT! (for my former ambulance cronies!)

Breech, leg back, head back… prolapse!  Oh, my!


I was chicken and went to town… National Ag Day and I went to TOWN!  I would much rather have you think of me as a pioneer woman (not the blog one, the real ones!), but alas!

I fail.



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