Minute Movie: “Her First Minutes”

This Minute Movie is taken probably two minutes after the calf hit the ground… although I edited it so you wouldn’t see my jerky video as I walked around her to get a better perspective, this really was just the first few minutes of our newest 051!

Unbelievably, the calf does get dry with just her momma licking her!

While being born in snow can be tough… if the calves are as vigorous as this one, they will be just fine!

Prepare to say “awwwww!”


Minute Movie: “Her First Minutes” — 6 Comments

  1. Awesome post. I think it really helps non-ranch folks to see what a good job ranchers do with their cattle. I hope they make the connection that you were right there in case there was trouble!

  2. Was so hoping we could have watched the baby finally stand up…lol!! You mentioned that if the babies are as lively as this one, they’ll have no problems. If they do seem to have problems, lack of mama care, too cold, can’t stand up, you all help out…YES? Awesome video!

    • Karen, you’re not the only one I heard that from… next time I’ll stick around longer! Oh, if calves have problems… that’s what we’re there for! We might get the cow in a pen and have to milk her out, or warm up a calf in the mud room, or just pen them together to help them bond… losing a calf does not make a happy rancher…

  3. It is just such a miracle. I am sure that everyone, as I do, never get tired of watching a new life come into the world. ( I don’t include the insect world!)

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