Soap Stones

Boy.  It’s been a LOOONG time since I set up anything in my store… and I hope I did it right… but they are there!


Soap and washcloth in one!

Great for toddlers (especially in Ivory Soap, it floats!), comfortable for arthritic hands, and the exfoliating action works for faces or gardening hands alike!

Available in Ivory Soap, Dial Tropical Escape, Dial Antibacterial, Jergens.  I can customize Soap Stones to your favorite soap, let me know what you’d like!  I HOPE TO BE OFFERING SOAP STONES WITH HANDMADE IN WYOMING SOAP SOON!

Your choice of natural stone look or assorted bright colors.  No two are alike!


PayPal only

Shipping should be $3.00 for up to four bars (if I set it up right!)  Larger orders contact me at reddirtinmysoul at gmail dot com.

For those unwilling to use the internet or PayPal, please email me with your request including amount and color preference and soap preference at reddirtinmysoul at gmail dot com.

Soap Stones


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