New Journeys

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

I hope you enjoyed the simple things… (Quinlan applauds the Easter pinwheel)

discovering Easter pinwheelOr perhaps, discovered something new… (Quinlan chasing soap bubbles)

chasing soap bubbleAt the very least, I hope you spent time with your family… (Johnny visits with Jaxon, his great grandson)

great grandfather****

As a quick aside… I’d really like to thank someone… You know I’ve been overhauling this blog… and while there are still miles and miles to go, there’s a group of agricultural bloggers that have been very, and I mean VERY, helpful this past month!  Led by Judi over at, we run the gamut from newbie blogger to pros like Janice at (who deserves a special shoutout for valuable help as well!)  If you’re thinking about this blogging game (yes, Joy, I’m talking to you…), Judi’s blog is just full of information!  I swing by there and figure out something new and wonderful… and hopefully, this blog now reflects a bit of her professionalism and expertise!  Go check their blogs out!  So, on this wonderful day of rebirth, thanks, Judi, for helping me start Red Dirt on its new journey!



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  4. Happy Easter to you, too. It is always a special joy to see pictures
    of little Jaxon beholding the wonders of life.

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