Do Something!

Wow.  What a nice day around here!  I worked on my studio, this time doing some chinking.  It’s finally warm enough, and it needs to be done before my cement floors get done.  It’s amazing how much chinking goop I manage to drop!

I wanted to incorporate some colored glass into the chinking, the idea is to let some colored light into the living space!  Ever since I saw a prism placed into the ceiling of the captain’s quarters on a sailing ship… I’ve wanted to do this!  Just to let light into dark places is amazing.  There’s a video floating around in cyberspace about using liter pop bottles  along the same lines, though I can’t find the link right now!

I debated about using a wine bottle… or I have some glass candle holders that might capture some light…  I really wish I had some stained glass.  However, I think this idea is going to have to be dropped by the wayside… my chinking is so thick, I’m not sure how thin glass would capture the light unless it was direct.

I have seen marbles placed in wood fences… and perhaps I could do something along those lines… somewhere!

My creativity is losing out to productivity… I need to be ready for fill and cement work… surely that can happen soon!

I did ride along with the guys and help them set up some pumps and a system for clearing out some of the mud that has settled into the bottom of the pipe for the center pivot.  They just stirred up the mud and pumped it out… which seemed to work!  The irrigation guys are busy working too, so new WORKING center pivot photos hopefully won’t be too far out.

Nice weather has arrived, and we’re all trying to zip around and Do Something!!

blue sky in Wyoming


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  1. Great ideas to ponder! I remember seeing a very old window in an
    early American house, that was made of the bottoms of glass bottles!
    Good luck.

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