Not Overly Pleasant

Winter just HAD to rattle our cage one more time…

I spent the day at work watching it snow, and while it was barely sticking to the ground in Ten Sleep, I arrived home to this.

red barn in snowstormFive inches of the ol’ white stuff.

It’s continued to snow, and predictions are for almost a foot by tomorrow!  Most of Wyoming is getting slammed pretty hard, some high winds of 60+ mph are in the mix too.

It’s not overly pleasant right now… but once it warms up, we’ll appreciate the moisture this storm has brought us.


Remember, it’s Q&A time!  Answers on Thursday!


Not Overly Pleasant — 1 Comment

  1. My goodness, you are getting “slammed” with a late winter storm. But that
    will give you some more snow for the grandsons to enjoy their sled rides!

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