Questions and Answers – April 2013 Edition

Barbara: What titles are on your “gotta read that book” list? What books are in your library?

Ooooh.  GREAT QUESTION,  I love it!  Right now I’m working my way through the science fiction series starting with Ender’s Game.  I hear they’re making a movie, so I wanted to read it first.  Next I have Cat Urbigkit’s book entitled Shepherds of Coyote Rocks… I’ve had it a long time and it keeps getting shoved down the list, and I need to read it!  Then I’ve got the new Kate Morton book checked out, and I’m on the list for Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker and 1356.  Yeah.  Eclectic.  In my library?  History, anthropology, Native Americans, some Star Trek, Endurance, Secret Garden, lots of dog books… and that’s just the top shelf…

Marilyn: with all your ranch/farm equipment, where is the nearest gas station?!

Right on the other side of our garage!  We get bulk deliveries from the local Co-op, a few hundred gallons at a time…

Alice: Will you need to do anything to protect them (my new bees) during the winter since it gets so cold there? I don’t know what bees in the wild do…I guess they survive just fine.

I will insulate the hive some… not overly, because we tend to get warm days in the middle of winter, so too warm is as bad as too cold.  Bees, when there are thousands of them, do create their own body heat… they should do ok.  Once they survive a winter, they’re supposedly better prepared for the next one!

Karyn (and others): Do you have any plans to get another dog? Perhaps keep one of Dally’s pups if she has another litter? Did you ever find out what happened to Elsa? I still miss her, she was my favorite. I’m sure you will always miss her too.

Puppies.  Yes.  I plan to keep one of Dally’s pups or if Lucas finds a girlfriend, one of his.  Someday.  Elsa died and Elsa is buried.  I did not feel the need for a necropsy then and I won’t second guess that decision.  I couldn’t stand to do that to her.  Maybe I should have for her descendents or the English Shepherd breed, but when I was brushing her before I wrapped her in the sheet, she was too pretty, too special, too golden to touch.  I miss her very much.  I’m touched that you miss her too…

Wow, guys, you made it easy on me this time!

If you have the urge to read more questions and answers, click the tab on the top of the page and it will take you to the ones I have linked so far… and I’m linking more old posts almost every day, so keep checking back!  (Thanks again to Judi for helping me figure out how to do that!  I love having friends that like writing code and figuring out things!)


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  1. You made me tear up when you mentioned brushing Elsa. I support your decision…whether alive or perished, their bodies are sacred in that way. I think I would do the same unless something pointed toward something that could put my other dogs/cats at risk and it had to be discovered for their safety sake. I do keep a locket of fur….

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