Bee Adventurous – Part One

Forgive any mistakes, you professionals… this is the first time I’ve handled bees!


Bee Adventurous – Part One — 3 Comments

  1. Huge thanks for sharing Carol 🙂 I’ve been fascinated with Bee keeping for a long time; kuddos to you! Looking forward to your updates.

  2. Carol,
    I’m so excited for you on your new adventure with bees 🙂 I took the easy way and found a man on Craigslist looking for a place to locate some hives in exchange for honey. He’s a great teacher – so much to learn. We had 12 hives last summer. Lost a few to the small hive beetle which seems to be spreading. I’m fascinated by the whole process and they sure help with the garden. Wishing you all the best- Jean

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