Halfway Stylin’

Snow.  Wet snow.  Lots of it.

It looks like Christmas again!

spring snow stormI started (finally) to whip up a valance for my Indian room from the old drapes that were in there, and had barely marked it out, when Vernon said he was going to work on my little minitruck!


The tires have always been awful, so I had ordered new ATV tires for it.  Well, for those tires, now it also needed a lift kit and new shocks for the back end and some kind of thingamabob for the front end.  Definitely beyond my mechanical capabilities!

Vernon can do it.  He’s a pro.

ranch mechanic

But I try to be helpful… I can grab the 12 mm wrench, and hold that, and tighten this nut, and shine the light here, and roll the tires over here and put them on!

(Speaking of which… did you know ATV tires have a direction for rotation?  They do!  So I put the second one on wrong, but I never knew you could put a tire on wrong!  Now I know…)

The rest of the time I spent sweeping, or lining up the buckets of oil, and straightening up this table or that bench.  I can’t do too much, because my organizational skills are mighty different from the guys’.  They’d never find anything if I got too anal about things out there!

Daniel finally explained it to me.  You group things from projects together… so those bolts and that part and that spray and the whatchamacallit tool are together because you need them to work on, say, the snowmobile.  Those bolts and that part are together because they go to the sprayer.

Me?  I would put all bolts together and all parts together and all tools together and all sprays together… which would be totally wrong!

I can pick up trash and pile it though!  So I did a lot of that while Vernon worked.

The back tires were easy, and wow!  Look at the difference!

My minitruck is stylin’!  OK, it’s halfway stylin’!

minitruck tires


Halfway Stylin’ — 6 Comments

  1. Great story today!

    “…shine the light” ~ ~ that’s about all I could do!

    My tools are organized just like yours. My Dad and my Grandpa had theirs
    organized this way too.

  2. What kind of trees are those behind the house…They’re huge and ancient looking, perhaps oaks? Wonderful shaped and beautiful!!

  3. Those little trucks remind me a lot of the ones that you’d see in South Korea in the 80s (and probably still now). They look pretty tough, really.

  4. While living in the Catskills it seemed like winter would never end. Now in NJ my tulips are in bloom and the hyacinths were gorgeous-I always plant out the ones we get for Easter. The mini-truck looks like it will be a big help for your projects. I’m looking for a garden cart for the ATV. We had one at camp. Hard to do without it. Garage clean-up is endless. I’m still not sure if they appreciate my help. They do like when I discover a lost tool in the sweepings though 🙂

  5. I organize like you do. In my big, stand-up toolbox, one drawer is all screwdrivers, the next drawer is wrenches and pliers, etc. You know where everything is. All bolts are in one bin, screws in another and nails in the next. I think the guys have it wrong. 🙂

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