Good Boys

The boys are gone, but Victoria and Matt came over to help in whatever way they could… The choice was made to move some more cows out to the BLM allotment.

That left Megan and I to watch three little boys… and I let ’em go wherever they wanted!

Mud puddle?

You bet.  Splash and stomp and face-plant… You’re washable.

Then walk up this tiny hill… and run down and face-plant.  You’re all right.

Chase those chickens, follow those dogs.  You’re good boys.

Stay away from the motorcycle.

Don’t poke your finger into small holes on the front bumpers or grills of vehicles.

Wanta banana?

How about a cracker?

Stomp through the leaf pile.

Pick up those sticks.

Name the colors of the clothes drying on the line.

Need a drink?

Perhaps a nap?

Let’s go, one more time!

OKEYDOKEY… You’re good boys!


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