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I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before… or at least partially… but I have a big interest in creating a Wyoming Bloggers group.  Why?  Just to help each other share this experience… Share ideas and how-to’s of blogging, along with reaching out to more readers.  Plus, I believe we sit in a fairly unique state.  Wyoming, home to cowboys and 85% coverage with high speed internet (as of 2012), allows us to value the traditional but utilize the newest technologies.  People want to know about Wyoming, the lifestyles, the nature, the people!  Let’s share!

So, this is Step One for Wyoming Bloggers.

If you’re a Wyoming blogger, leave a comment with a few basic facts.

1)  Your blog name and URL.

2)  A sentence or two that tells us about yourself, why we should read you, what the topic of your blog is.

3)  Where you’re located in Wyoming.

4)  How often you blog.

What will we do with this?  I believe in democracy… so let’s vote!

We could create a Wyoming Blogger logo to post on a sidebar.

We could post links to a rotating list of bloggers on a sidebar.

We could write articles for magazines, i.e. “The Internet Voices from Wyoming” or something!

We could create a rotating Wyoming Voice Facebook page where we take turns posting.

Any other ideas????

Please share this post just to get the word out…

I’d love to write about other bloggers, and have a Top 100 Wyoming Bloggers, or some such amazing list!

Let’s get to it!

Red Wall


Top 100 Wyoming Bloggers — 12 Comments

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  2. f you’re a Wyoming blogger, leave a comment with a few basic facts.

    1) Sonny’s RVs Blog –

    2) My name is Briana and I write content for Sonny’s RVs. I like to write about anything travel related whether that be the best destinations to visit in Wyoming, or camping dangers to be aware of. You should read the blog because it contains a lot of different topics, geared toward educating you on different travel topics. specifically related to the RV industry!

    3) Where you’re located in Wyoming.

    Sonny’s RVs is located in Evansville, Wyoming.

    4) How often you blog.

    I blog once a month and always try to post fresh and relevant content.

  3. Thank you for doing this! I’m looking forward to finding new readers, as well as new material to read over breakfast and links to post on Facebook!

    1. I’m the author of six contemporary Western romances, all available from your local Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and your local independent bookstore. My novels celebrate traditional ranching culture, the Wyoming landscape, and the struggles we all have discovering our place in the world. If you’re romance-averse, please give my books a chance anyway–they’re about much more than just sexy cowboys (although the sexy cowboys are gracious enough to make an appearance).

    2. I live in Cheyenne.

    3.I don’t blog nearly enough, but there’s quite a bit of material to read. The homepage tells about my books; the tab marked “For Writers” includes posts on novel writing and getting published; the tab marked “For Readers” includes random posts about everything from my dogs to my road trips to various small towns in the West. Someday I’ll get around to posting more travel photos; I have a huge backlog!

    On Facebook, I post fairly often on my author page, Joanne Kennedy Books.

    Just so it’s not all about me, I also recommend The Daily Coyote blog ( and Mike Shay’s “Hummingbird Minds” ( blog.

  4. 1. Sarah Frary!

    2. Multi-medium artist kicking dirt and bones around in the red hills; my blog is primarily art-focused, but filled with existential / thoughtful / poetic prose of life, stories, ideas, what-have-you. I feel that I provide quite an edgy and unique perspective; a ‘not-your-average’ Wyoming blog experience.

    3. Ten Sleep, WY

    4. Two times a month, sometimes more depending on how busy the season is.

    I like the idea of a facebook group, and magazine articles. All of it, really. Anywhere and everywhere we can reach.

  5. OK, so I guess I’m a Wyoming blogger. Well I would like to be but I read all my favorite blogs and realize I don’t have great pictures or an over interesting life so I just don’t get around to it more than, well three times this year! I would like to keep mine up a little better so my family in California can get a glimpse into our strange and wonderful life.

  6. Sorry, I’m not a Wyoming blogger. My heart is back with in Wyo. wishing I were there “back at the ranch”. Love what you do.

  7. My childhood home, what a lump this brings to my throat! And how many times I have poked cows through that fence in the foreground onto the fields in the fall. And the view from on top of that wall is aw inspiring, even for a kid!

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