Spreading Salt

Vernon requested I take some salt out to the cows today… and to help him out, I did!   Having a chance to drive around, take in the scenery, have an outing with the dogs, and occasionally shove a 50# block of salt off the pickup, sounded like a great deal!

It was.

angus calves


salt delivery

wire corral reservoirwet dog


Spreading Salt — 3 Comments

  1. One thing about this new blog site….I could subscribe to comments on the other site, so if you answered a question, or someone else commented, I knew. Now I have to remember to check back, which I don’t always remember!

  2. Wonderful pictures…..I said a big ‘ahhhhhhh….’ when looking at them! Looks like spring is getting to Wyoming faster that So Cal, altho we did go straight into summer for a week, but now back to winter (which is good as it helped put out the fires).

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